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1. Publically Committing Your Life To Christ

2. Daily Prayer

3. Study Of Scripture And Tradition

4. Involvement In Your Parish Community

5. Discern Your Gifts And Take Up Ministry

6. Joining A Small Group

7. Giving Financially

8. Sharing Your Faith

9. Christian Living




Discipleship, also known as ongoing conversion or holiness, is the process of becoming Christ-like is a key part of the spiritual life of a Christian. Therefore it is a key part of the mission of the evangelising parish.

In seeking conversion, what steps along the spiritual journey should a person take? Each step is a part of a growing commitment to Christ, or as Eugene Stockton put it, "coming closer in to the fire of the Spirit."

Most parishioners are already taking many steps on this journey, and will take the steps in different order. In a parish, if many people are to grow in their faith the parish must provide an overall pattern which will be the framework which will support the discipleship of parishioners.

The following are the basic elements which are part of the life of mature Catholics and which the parish needs to support:



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