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1. Relevant Vision

2. Strong Leadership

3. Dynamic, Involving Worship

4. Ongoing Conversion

5. Small Groups

6. Stewardship

7. An Evangelising Pulse




1. Relevant Vision

The community needs a jointly owned vision that realistically and positively addresses the needs of people today without compromising on Christianity.

A parish vision is a picture of what you would like the parish to look like in say a five year period. This can be broken up into smaller pieces, for example in one parish the vision for the liturgy is "a mass that parishioners would be happy to invite their friends to".

The parish leader (usually the parish priest) has the role of the "keeper of the vision." That means that if someone or a group wants to do something that is not in keeping with the vision, this needs to be gently discouraged, or at least not be the central activity of the parish in that aspect of parish life. So if for example, a Marian group wished to make the Rosary the major pastoral initiative of the parish, this might be discouraged as it may be felt that improvements to the Sunday Mass need to be that priority. The Marian group might be encouraged to grow their prayer group and parishioners be encouraged to participate, but this would be a secondary priority for the parish.

The planning by the Pastoral Council and the budgetting by the Finance Committee should also reflect the vision. The plan should be how the parish is to achieve the vision. The budget should be that plan written in $ terms.

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