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1. Relevant Vision

2. Strong Leadership

3. Dynamic, Involving Worship

4. Ongoing Conversion

5. Small Groups

6. Stewardship

7. An Evangelising Pulse




7. An Evangelising Pulse

Flows through the veins of everything we do in the parish.

All parish activities should be evangelising, not in name but in reality. That means that, for example, your infant baptism preparation program should be bringing people to a relationship with God. Yes, really!

It is essential that as part of the program the parents meet and have an opportunity to become friends of couples in the parish who have children of a similar age, to ease their joining the community. It is essential that the masses they attend attract the parents to the life of the parish.

It is essential that the baptism ceremony is excellent in every way possible and is an opportunity for the parents, their family and friends to find God, even in some small way.

Many parish activities are happening, but now every activity from Mass to social groups to the flower arranging must be evangelising.

If any activity in the evangelising parish is not evangelising, then it needs to be evaluated and possibly phased out.



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