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1. Sad Statistics

2. Future Trends

3. Good News Behind The Statistics




1. Sad Statistics

The Australian Catholic Church today

? About 14% of Australian Catholic attend Church any weekend.

? With sick, elderly, and too hot too cold today, up to 20% may be attenders if possible on up to a monthly basis.

? Most of those who attend are older.

? Catholics are particularly poorly represented in the young adult group who have left home. It seems that as soon as can make the decision to leave church life, most young Catholics do.

? 3% of male Catholics in their late 20?s attend Church each week. If you wonder why there are no young priests, the most important factor of all ? young men don?t go to Church.

? The vast majority of church attenders have no children over the age of 22 at church.

? Survey after survey tells us that young people are bored witless at Mass. That is the major reason for non-attendance.

? In the National and Church Life Surveys the Catholic Church was the poorest performer of any Church in Australia in the eyes of attenders on every aspect of parish life, with one exception.

? For most practising Catholics, there major opportunity for spiritual growth is through their parish.

? 500 people leave the church in Australia each week.

? Five people leave the Catholic Church for every one person who leaves a Protestant Church.

? From Michael Mason?s research, a practising Protestant is more likely than a non-practising Catholic to uphold the values of a Catholic organisation, and should be preferred for employment.

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