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1. The Role Of The Finance Committee

2. The Meeting

3. Annual Timeline

4. Parish Accounts

5. Implementing Parish Collections

6. Canon Law And Finances

7. Parish Databases

8. Planned Giving Programs

9. Book-keeping

10. Credit Cards And Direct Debits

11. Reporting To The Parish

12. Parish Budgets

13. Maximising Appeals




11. Reporting To The Parish

People give to people. Parishioners want to know that you, as a member of the Parish Finance Committee are credible and can be trusted to do the best with their money.

Most importantly they want to know who you are! You may feel the content of your report is the key, but I am not so sure. Your delivery, your openness, your availability to speak to parishioners following your report at Mass, these are probably the key.

Why is that? It?s because your report may be a necessary factual document prescribed by Canon Law. Or it can be your opportunity to build the trust of your parishioners for your work and the work of the parish. You are really hoping that in your own way you are asking parishioners to be open to a substantial increase in their giving.

Therefore make sure you report in person during Mass, so you can have the most impact on parishioners.

Guidelines for the content of your report should be provided by the Diocese. If in doubt, provide more information rather than less. After all, it is the parishioners' money, and the more you share with them, the more they will share with you.

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