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1. The Role Of The Finance Committee

2. The Meeting

3. Annual Timeline

4. Parish Accounts

5. Implementing Parish Collections

6. Canon Law And Finances

7. Parish Databases

8. Planned Giving Programs

9. Book-keeping

10. Credit Cards And Direct Debits

11. Reporting To The Parish

12. Parish Budgets

13. Maximising Appeals




12. Parish Budgets

Remember that your budget is the parish plan in $ terms. That means that the key input to the budget is from the Parish Pastoral Council, who should provide an annual parish plan from which you will craft the budget.

Finance Committees will have some influence on funding, and often financial advisors will also be keen to ensure the parish is effective pastorally.

One of the keys to an evangelising parish is to resource the parish as strongly as you can with the best staff available. In an evangelising parish at least 60% of total parish revenue (including the appeal for the priest where that is separate) should be devoted to salaries. The work of staff also encourages more giving by parishioners.

Ensure when crafting the budget, that you plan to increase income every year. This is possible by adding appeals, conducting a planned giving campaign, encouraging bequests, reminding parishioners to uphold their pledges and by converting donations to regular giving by credit card and direct debit.

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