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1. The Role Of The Finance Committee

2. The Meeting

3. Annual Timeline

4. Parish Accounts

5. Implementing Parish Collections

6. Canon Law And Finances

7. Parish Databases

8. Planned Giving Programs

9. Book-keeping

10. Credit Cards And Direct Debits

11. Reporting To The Parish

12. Parish Budgets

13. Maximising Appeals




13. Maximising Appeals

Maximising Appeals

This is designed for a speaker who is not celebrating Mass, but obviously can be adapted. A similar process increased Catholic Mission Appeals by 50%.

Before the Appeal:

1. Use DL or business size envelopes for your appeal. This will encourage people to place notes, rather than coins. Ensure envelopes provide the opportunity for giving by credit card.

2. Make sure sheets and pencils are out at each Mass - more than one per person distributed along the seats.

3. Sit in the body of the Church, not in the front pews.

The Appeal:

1. Introduce yourself and explain any connection to the parish.

2. Thank you for past support.

3. The ministry I am talking about - briefly describe where it is, what it is like, why I work there (end of life story).

4. Tell two emotive real stories about real people. The stories should be very moving and balanced. If you tell a tragic story, balance it with a heartwarming one.

5. The stories must make a direct link to the services provided by volunteers, including relevant services.

6. The stories should explain modern ministry within themselves, without any need for a lecture about interdependence or justice or giving and receiving.

Filling in and collection of envelopes:

1. Count to five silently before starting this section.

2. Say something like "this is an appeal, and now I'd like to ask you to consider supporting this work so the work of X and X can continue and grow."

3. Ask that everyone pick up an envelope and pencil, and that they be passed to anyone without one. Ask that everyone fill out the sheet.

4. Explain how at least $50 from a family or $80 from a two income family and whatever possible from students, pensioners or an unemployed person can help the particular projects you have spoken about. E.g. $50 will pay for "x". (the idea is not equal giving but equal sacrifice).

5. Thank the people and priest for having you and for their support.

6. Make sure at least two minutes is allowed to fill out the envelope before handing back to the priest.

After the Appeal:

1. Return to your seat. If you can, stay to talk after Mass.

2.After the last Mass, join in the clean-up of sheets and pencils. Thank the Parish Priest for having you.



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