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1. Publically Committing Your Life To Christ

2. Daily Prayer

3. Study Of Scripture And Tradition

4. Involvement In Your Parish Community

5. Discern Your Gifts And Take Up Ministry

6. Joining A Small Group

7. Giving Financially

8. Sharing Your Faith

9. Christian Living




5. Discern Your Gifts And Take Up Ministry

In the New Testament there are many references to spiritual gifts, and how these should be used in ministry to help members of the church and wider community, fo find out more try the Catholic Spiritual Gifts inventory

Every parishioner needs to take up ministry, not for the sake of the parish but for their own sake, so they can be fulfilled through their service of other people.

A ministry is a service which is commissioned by the parish, and that could be internal such as a reader, or externals such as working at a homeless shelter or serving with St Vincent de Paul.

Priests need to emphasise in their homilies that every parishioner over 15, and some younger, need to have a ministry. That will greatly increase responses to requests for volunteers, when they are held.

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