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1. Publically Committing Your Life To Christ

2. Daily Prayer

3. Study Of Scripture And Tradition

4. Involvement In Your Parish Community

5. Discern Your Gifts And Take Up Ministry

6. Joining A Small Group

7. Giving Financially

8. Sharing Your Faith

9. Christian Living




6. Joining A Small Group

Small groups will become the main setting for spiritual growth, education and community building.

Small groups also mean that someone will be missed is they don't attend, something that doesn't often happen at Mass in larger parishes.

Small groups may meet fortnightly, or in bursts of 3-5 weeks throughout the year.

Parishioners should be encouraged to join small groups, often these will start as a parish initiative but then gain a life of their own. The parish staff will need to

"...they spring from the need to live the Church's life more intensely, or from the desire for a more personal contact which the larger Church community finds difficult to offer." ?Evangelisation in the Modern World 58.

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