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Martin Teulan has worked for the Australian Church in evangelisation as a teacher in Catholic Schools, as National Executive Officer for Catholic Mission, as Director of Pastoral Planning for the Diocese of Parramatta, as Marketing Manager for Wesley Mission - Sydney and in a variety of roles for Church Resources, establishing ten areas of joint purchasing and growing the subscription of the daily CathNews Service.

Martin is currently a change management consultant serving churches in improving their marketing, fundraising, financing, procurement and evangelisation. To inquire about how you can soon have an evangelising parish contact Martin through the contact us button above.

Martin has been the Chairperson of the Commission for Mission of the National Council of Churches in Australia. He has been a member of Diocesan Pastoral Councils, Parish Pastoral Councils, a Parish Finance Committee and acts as a consultant to parishes on request. He is Treasurer of the Bible Society of NSW.

Martin's own parish doubled in attendance from around 1,000 to 2,000 attenders in a three year period. Martin provided the practical framework for the parish's planning for that growth, which was the result of the attitudes and work of the parish priest, staff and parishioners. Martin believes the parish is the key to large scale evangelisation in the world today.

This site provides practical advice on how to rapidly and easily turn around your parish so that it becomes a growing, outreaching, positive presence of God to the world. Very few of the ideas are original, most have been seen in action in a variety of churches, so they are tried and tested.

Some ideas have been contributed by others, usually asking not to be acknowledged. If anything on the site should be acknowledged, please contact Martin and he will act on it as soon as possible.



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