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  1. An Historical Outline

  2. Role Of Parish Pastoral Councils

  3. Roles Of Key Bodies In The Parish

  4. Establishing A Parish Pastoral Council

  5. Parish Pastoral Councils In Action

  6. Renewing A Parish Pastoral Council

  7. Links




1. An Historical Outline

1.1 Influence of Vatican Council II (1962-65)

The case for the establishment of Parish Councils came as one of many new developments occurring in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council.

The Council opened up a new vista of opportunities for life in parish communities, one of them being that agencies and groups be established which would enable the people of parishes to enter into new forms of parish involvement and responsibility.

The Second Vatican Council directly provided for the formation of Diocesan Pastoral Councils. Parish Pastoral Councils were a natural progression from this, and they were officially promulgated in a letter in 1973 and in the Code of Canon Law in 1983.

This new Code of Canon Law named Parish Pastoral Councils for the first time and stated that they would enable Parish Priests and faithful to help "in fostering pastoral action" (Canon 536).

The hope was strong that there would be a great many benefits arising from this co-operation between the laity and their priests.

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