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  1. An Historical Outline

  2. Role Of Parish Pastoral Councils

  3. Roles Of Key Bodies In The Parish

  4. Establishing A Parish Pastoral Council

  5. Parish Pastoral Councils In Action

  6. Renewing A Parish Pastoral Council

  7. Links




5. Parish Pastoral Councils In Action

5.3 Office bearers

There are a variety of roles or offices that can be successfully initiated in Pastoral Councils. The office of chairperson, deputy chairperson and secretary are key roles for the successful conduct of meetings and other duties. Other offices might include membership of the parish finance committee or responsibility for liaison with parish and school groups, other Christian churches and the deanery.

It is crucial that the Chair of the Pastoral Council is able to effectively chair a meeting, ensuring the effective participation and contribution of all members. The Chair should be able to work effectively with the Parish Priest while ensuring views which differ from that of the Parish Priest are heard.

It is helpful to consider requiring the parish secretary to minute the Pastoral Council meeting so that this burden does not sit with a Council member. The role of the Pastoral Council secretary is then to oversee this process, and also the publication of pastoral plans and pastoral assembly materials.

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