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  1. An Historical Outline

  2. Role Of Parish Pastoral Councils

  3. Roles Of Key Bodies In The Parish

  4. Establishing A Parish Pastoral Council

  5. Parish Pastoral Councils In Action

  6. Renewing A Parish Pastoral Council

  7. Links




6. Renewing A Parish Pastoral Council

6.3 Reviewing a Parish Pastoral Council's work and practices

Periodic reviews of its plan and practices can help a Parish Pastoral Council adapt to change and move forward. A Council should review its operation every year. Part of the review process should be open to the whole parish community.

A review of a Pastoral Council's life and work can take a variety of forms. The process might include some of the following components:

  1. reporting against the plan what has and has not been achieved.

  2. examining why some elements were achieved and others were not, especially what were the constraints which prevented success.

  3. listing the gifts which members bring to the group.

  4. listing the problems and difficulties that members perceive with the group's tasks and internal processes. It is important that members are encouraged to be open and honest at this point. Admitting faults helps growth and learning.

  5. reading and discussing articles or books which describe proactical evangelisation and some of the future possibilities of parishes. What might be achieved?

  6. Reflecting on the Parish Vision Statement and updating it.

  7. focussing on say two problems which the group agrees are significant and a few possibilities which build on the strengths of the parish.

  8. suggesting some specific goals and strategies to improve the problems areas and who has the gifts to assist with these. The goals may include adopting new tasks and/or new ways of operating. They may even mean changes in the current structures.

These changes need to be written into a revised plan, or in the case of internal procedures written into the minutes so there can be reference in the future.

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