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  1. An Historical Outline

  2. Role Of Parish Pastoral Councils

  3. Roles Of Key Bodies In The Parish

  4. Establishing A Parish Pastoral Council

  5. Parish Pastoral Councils In Action

  6. Renewing A Parish Pastoral Council

  7. Links




6. Renewing A Parish Pastoral Council

6.4 Renewing a Parish Pastoral Council

Periodically changing the membership of a Parish Pastoral Council can infuse new life and ideas into the group, and contribute to its growth.

Changes to the Council membership should always be on a staggered basis. Because of the long learning curve, do not hurry effective members off the Council.

The renewal of the group may also be assisted by some of the following activities, outlined elsewhere in this website.

  • Clarifying the purpose and role of the Parish Pastoral Council and the role of its members

  • Clarifying the method of selection, and planning a commissioning ceremony

  • Identifying the gifts of members

  • Formation of members and the Council

  • Revamping agendas

  • Planning for the year ahead

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